Driving Dad – Meet the Team




Age: 10
Road trip quote: “Cool kids don’t smile
Type of eater: Very picky; but will try food for money
Music preference: Top 40
Bladder control: 8/10 (strong)
Car sickness probability: 2/10 (low)
Favourite country: Spain
Pros: Eats his crusts




Age: 5
Road trip quote: “I’m soooo hungry
Type of eater: Will try anything once; loves oysters
Music preference: Whatever Harry likes
Bladder control: 8/10 (strong)
Car sickness probability: 9/10 (high)
Favourite country: France
Pros: Can fall asleep anywhere




Age: 4
Quote: “That’s disgustin’”
Type of eater:    Cheerios, milk, french fries, pasta, ice cream
Music preference: Could listen to “Hello” by Adele for 5 hours straight
Bladder control: 1/10 (weak)
Car sickness control: 6/10 (medium)
Favourite country: TBD
Pros: Good at spotting animals from the back seat of the car


Age: Beauty is ageless
Road trip quote: “Here’s the ipad” or “I just need a little nap
Type of eater: Hesitantly adventurous; no fish
Music preference: Any music that drowns out the screams of our children
Bladder control: 10/10 (perfect…like all moms)
Car sickness control: 10/10 (perfect)
Favourite country: France
Pros: Keen directional sense; and ability to change a nappy at 75mph




Age: Above driving age
Road trip quote: “No, you may not watch the ipad, just enjoy the scenery
Type of eater: Will eat anything, local delicacies preferred
Music preference: Anything but “Hello” by Adele
Bladder control: 9.5/10 (strong…but you never know)
Car sickness control: 10/10 (perfect…so far)
Favourite country: Italy
Pros: Late night driving; restaurant selection; can yell at children while changing lanes

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